Saturday, 9 September 2017

Time to drop by Pt2

Gunnery Sergeant Oxley sat at a big desk in the long abandoned office slowly sipping his coffee, looking around he wondered what this space might have been used for and what might have happened to the folks who used to work here. This was often the way for the Gunny and his guys in Recon, stuck far out alone far from the main battle forces, huh guys he thought, most were barely old enough to be away from their moms apron strings. Davis walked in "message from the head shed boss" he handed a piece of paper to to Oxley. Oxley tucked the paper into his top pocket "whats the move?", "They want us to saddle up and move to the tall building in the centre of the city" the radio op replied "Lt wants us to carry out a clearance and await further instruction"." Fetch the team commanders for me Davis". Oxley waited for Davis to leave the room before slamming his fist into the wall, smashing the plasterboard, currently they were the only troop out on the field, Beta-one had been gone a while with the first objective, some random piece of intel and the Alpha-two the second troop to their battlegroup had not long left, he took a breath and reminded himself that he was a cog in the machine, small but with a part to play, still he needed more manpower! Davis walked back in with the two corporals, Reid and Jacobs. "Fellas, I want you to get your teams ready to go in ten, prep for full tactical entry, were alone so make sure everyone is fully kitted, not sure when re-sup will be","Roger that boss" both chimed and with that turned and left, the Gunny didn't need to tell them, he had trained and drilled them well. "Davis, get on the blower and get me an idea of when the other troops will be back" "will do boss".

Hi Cave dwellers, well it happened, I got my first game of Dropzone commander! Before I get into any kind of Batrep a couple of things, firstly I have to thank Mike from the OB crew for putting on a great demo and making it a fantastically enjoyable game and learning experience and secondly sorry, I took the grand sum of zero photos, DOH! I was having so much fun I plain forget, so you will just have to imagine how totes-amazeballs the board looked.

As I mentioned before I had spent some time reading the rules and to be honest most of the mechanics were fairly simple, standard move and shoot (or shoot and move), roll to hit, roll to wound, you get the idea, where this game really comes alive is the tactics of activating battle groups. do I go with the AA, or anti-tank or search for the objective? Do I tuck myself out of the way but then cannot shoot, do I move my tanks to a different location but then cannot shoot this round? All important things to consider. I spent a lot of time at the beginning shooting at a building that in the end didn't matter. I think its fair to say that this game is (probably, depends if you're useless at rules like me) easy to learn but hard to master.

Its fair to say that we managed to get a lot of the different  actions into the game i.e AA, tanks, orbital lasers and CQB (sorry marines it is I who sent you to your doom!). Lots of stuff was killed and died on both sides, lots of One's were rolled when I only needed a Two (thank you for the orbital laser curse Stephen lol)

In the end the game came down to two things, would I win initiative and then would my Rapier blow his transport out the sky before he escaped with 6 points of objectives, Answer: NO! I rolled a one and lost initiative but then for the what if Mike let me shoot at the transport, 3 dice to hit, only 1 hits. roll to damage.........Fail!!!!

My love of this game continues. I am looking forward to getting more games played and experimenting with the other different units such as the Ferrum. I had considered entering into the tournament at Autumn Invasion but unfortunately I crapped out as I am busy with family/friend stuff (dammit!!), I will just have to wait for the new year, still it will give me plenty of time to practice.

The troop entered the building and immediately broke into their teams and started the room clearance. they would clear room by room and floor by floor, it was going to be a long day with this amount of troops and that didn't even allow for coming across those twitchy, sweaty A-holes. Oxley heard Davis speaking "Roger That, Over and out". "Sitrep Davis" "Beta-One is held up, some kind of issue with the bird and Alpha-two are just getting turned around ETA 20mins" Davis replied, without further remark Oxley spoke "get me a sitrep on the floor clearence" before Davis could answer BOOM!!  Oxley and Davis both ducked but then ran to the window in time to see their Raven falling from the sky, obliterated by enemy AA. Oxley was about to speak to Davis when the sound of rifle fire started, the radio hissed and a voice came over "contact third floor, WORMS!" Oxley picked up his rifle and ran to the stairs, everyone would be needed.


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