Sunday, 6 August 2017

Foam in a can wargame hills Pt5

Hello cave dwellers! Welcome back for the final instalment of this project. In the previous post I added flock and foliage. The clump foliage adds to the scenery but also works great to hide blemishes of which there are a few! The final task required for the project is a sealing coat of Pva to prevent the flock from being rubbed off, the hills then were left to dry.


This project has been a great learning process and has certainly given me a lot of items to consider for next time. I thought I would go through a few of the pro's and cons, as much for my own records!


▪ colour - definitely needs to pick up some more paints, a black and a white at least but a couple of different shades of brown and grey would make things easier and better.

▪ foam - I still have a couple of chunks of the can foam left but if/when I use can foam again I need to ensure that it is shaken properly and that I have the nozzle! It might be good to use a proper extruded foam to see if it is easier/better/nicer to work with, this will give me less air bubble holes.

▪ Base -  I used perspex for this but again next time I may change the material and try to get some thin mdf.

▪ glue - this covers both sticking the foam to the base and the flock to the foam. I really need  and new glue gun for sticking down the foam and a hundred other tasks. I also need to be more patient and wait for glues to set when sticking down flock.


There really is only one pro and that overall this is a usable, functional and reasonably decent looking piece of terrain which I'm sure will see some use in the various skirmish games I play. Another of the pros is that this project has been an invaluable learning experience, I could have achieved this with smaller scatter pieces but there we go! With the lessons I have learned from this project I'm looking forward to future builds.

Well there you go folks, the end of my first build. If you managed to make it through all of the posts thank you if not have a read to see the trials and tribulations. 

Why not leave a comment letting me know what you thought of the writing or the build.

Cheers Bill.

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  1. Great set of articles. Enjoyable to read, and useful as well; I've never tried using the expanding foam for a hobby project.